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K-12 Reading Intervention                                                                     

This program supports struggling readers by providing tiered  instruction in reading foundational skills. The goal of literacy intervention is to  promote access to grade level curriculum and to help students become successful readers.  Personalized instruction is delivered in a one-to-one or small group setting and is scaffolded in chunks of knowledge to help students process information. Students progress is monitored throughout the program and adjustments are made to instruction based upon the student's response to intervention. 



  • Diagnostic assessment 

  • Targeted and personalized instruction

  • Formative assessment 

  • Evidence base curriculum 



  • We will follow the curriculum that the school uses and provide district approved supplemental support for the tier 2 or tier 3 category of the MTSS/ RTI model.  


Instructional strategies :

  • Data driven instruction is provided. 

  • The instruction is explicit and systematic.  

  • Clear learning objectives will be provided for each lesson.

  • Students are given immediate and corrective feedback. 

  • High impact strategies are used during each session.

  • Formative assessments are given and students are able to track progress. 


Synopsis of Program:  

  • Tutors work with school administrators and teachers to close achievement gaps by pulling small intervention groups.  The students are tiered based upon their reading data. The instructional focus of these groups will be reading foundational skills embedded with writing skills.  

K-5 Supplemental Resources 
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