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K-12 Math Intervention 

Our K-12 math intervention program helps students to deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts by linking standard algorithm to concrete and visual representations. We provide structured lessons that are explicit and systematic in a one-to-one or small group setting. We use instructional strategies that allow  quick retrieval of basic arithmetic facts.  Research shows this promotes confidence in students and long term success with closing achievement gaps. We utilize support coach as a curriculum resource along with other resources to provide a coherent conceptual bridge along the mathematics learning progressions to grade-level content. 


  • Diagnostic assessment 

  • Quick review of prerequisites 

  • Targeted and personalized instruction

  • Formative assessment 

  • Evidence base curriculum


  • We follow the curriculum that the school uses and provide district approved supplemental support for tier 2 and tier 3 category of the MTSS/ RTI model. 

Instructional Strategies:  

  • Data driven instruction is provided. 

  • The instruction is explicit and systematic.  

  • Clear learning objectives will be provided for each lesson.

  • Students are given immediate and corrective feedback. 

  • High impact strategies are used during each session.

  • Formative assessments are given and students are able to track progress. 

Building equity one step at a time!

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