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Teaching is my superpower!

I am propel to give back to a community that gave to me as a child. I am a native of Central Florida. I attended Orange County Public Schools, and I have had the privilege of teaching for the same school district. I pursued my Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education from Nova Southeastern University, and my Master’s degree in Educational leadership from University of Central Florida. My philosophy about education is all students can learn if placed in an environment that is conducive to learning. This is why I decided to embark on a journey of autonomy. I established Horace Grace Learning and Development Services in 2019 to address learning deficits that plague our society. Research shows that learning is impactful in a small group setting. Horace Grace offers one-to-one tutoring services, small group intervention, and instructional support for teachers.  

Our mission is to provide intervention services that holistically addresses the learner’s needs. I believe in the accountability measure driven by standardized assessments, but I also believe this should not stifle creativity or autonomy. Research shows that students are able to retain information if real-world connections are made! Students must understand the “WHY” behind learning in order to embrace new concepts! This provides a foundation for them to build on as they matriculate through school.

I believe traditional approaches to teaching and learning are becoming obsolete. I believe that teaching is an ART and that students should be presented with a variety of hues as they paint their canvases of learning!

I am excited to help all students by closing achievement gaps and by partnering with the community to have a positive impact on learning. 

Warmest Regards,

Jay Walker

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